Useful Forms & Downloads

Please return completed forms to the Exams Office by submitting a request on the NCI Support Hub.

Repeat Registration Forms
  • Repeat By Attending Registration Form: This form is for January 2021 start students who are required to Repeat by Attending in the 2021/2022 Academic Year.
  • Repeat by Assessment Registration Form: This form is for students who are required to Repeat by Assessment in the MAY 2022 repeat session. If your programme code is not included on the form, please contact the Exams Office by submitting a request on the NCI Support Hub
Recheck/Review Application Forms
  • Exam Recheck Application Form: Exam Rechecks can be requested after Semester One, Semester Two and Autumn/Repeat Examination results have been released
  • Exam Review Application Form: must have full set of results for programme stage. Exam Reviews can be requested when the stage is finished and you have a complete set of results
Other Forms