Past Examination Papers

Instructions on how to access past NCI exam papers can be accessed here or on the Norma Smurfit Library site.

The Norma Smurfit Library creates and maintains the database of past examination papers which date back to 1992. All examination papers can be searched, saved, printed or viewed by registered users.

How to Access Past Exam Papers

There is a dedicated website for past NCI exam papers which allows students to access exam papers which are available for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Searching the Database

Here are some tips to help you search the database:

  • Browse the folders and select the course that is relevant to you
  • Use the search bar on the top right of the page
  • Search the course name or code to return the most useful results

You can find further useful information on the Past Exam Papers Guide on the library website.

Get in Touch

You can contact the Norma Smurfit Library Team here:

Twitter: @NCILibrary