Looking for Off-Campus accommodation can be a time-consuming and stressful task. We have created an Accommodation Guide and compiled some useful resources to make your search a little less daunting. NCI does not assist students in finding off-campus accommodation as you need to do this yourself.


Advice for students searching for off-campus accommodation in Dublin.

Temporary Accommodation 

You must be in Ireland to arrange permanent off-campus accommodation. Therefore, we recommend that you book several weeks of temporary accommodation (hostel, Airbnb, homestay, etc.) before your arrival. Once you are in Ireland you can arrange viewings for properties you are interested in renting. 

Student Accommodation  

The only permanent off-campus accommodation you can book in advance of your arrival is student accommodation. There is a large number of student accommodation in Dublin, below are some examples. 

Permanent Accommodation 

The best place to look for accommodation is online. The most common platforms to search accommodation to rent and share are the following: 

Even though these sites are trustworthy you must always be aware of possible accommodation scams. 

Support Sites

There are many online resources available to students for further reading and support. 

Accommodation Guides: 

Information on Scams: