Accommodation for International Students

Your college years are often the most exciting of your life - and where you choose to live can have a big impact on your time in Dublin. 

NCI does not own or manage a student residence nor do we offer an accommodation placement service. That means you are responsible for finding your own accommodation in Dublin. 

There are many student residences around the city as well as house and flat shares, homestays etc. We have compiled information on different accommodation options available to you to help you choose which suits you best. 

We highly recommend booking Student Residences and to apply early and to multiple locations.

Dublin and NCI Location 

Dublin is divided into postal areas from Dublin 1 to Dublin 24. The higher the postal code, the further away you are from the city centre. NCI is located in Dublin 1

Use Google Maps to check the distance from NCI to the accommodation you are considering. You can get the travel time to NCI for walking, cycling and public transport options. Another good website to use is the Transport for Ireland (TFI) Journey Planner for information on public transport options, travel time and fees from A to B.