Looking for temporary accommodation? This page provide information about temporary short stay lets such as hotels and hostels

Students hanging out at temporary accommodation Information for students looking for short stay lets such as hotels and hostels.

Temporary accommodation can be booked with a hostel, hotel, homestay or short term lets. 

Please allow enough budget for several weeks in temporary accommodation before you find a permanent place to live. There is high demand for accommodation in Dublin and we advise you start your accommodation search early.

Accommodation Links 

To guide you, we have prepared a list of nearby temporary accommodation options.

Please note NCI is not affiliated with any of the listed accommodation providers. NCI have not visited nor vetted any of these accommodation options. Details are for information only.


There are many hostels in Dublin's City and the below list are the hostels most frequently used by NCI students.  

Accommodation in hostels can be booked with the hostel directly or with:


There are several hotels close to NCI:


Moving away from your country and family home can be a big transition for some students. Staying with a host family is a good way of having some home comforts while you adjust to life in Ireland.

Some students stay with a host family for a few weeks while they search for long-term accommodation and some students decide to stay for the duration of their studies.

Whatever you decide, there are a number of companies that can connect you with families.

You can book homestay accommodation directly on the providers' webpages.

Short-term lets

Another alternative for temporary accommodation are short-term lets of apartments. The most common providers in Dublin are: