Looking for private accommodation can be a time-consuming and stressful task. To make your search a little less daunting please read the following information. 

Students carrying boxes Moving day for students once they have secured private accommodation in Dublin

The main thing you must consider is that you cannot book private accommodation from abroad. You must be in Ireland to arrange non-student accommodation; otherwise you are an easy target for accommodation scams. We recommend you book several weeks of temporary accommodation before your arrival to Dublin. Once you are in Dublin you can arrange viewings for properties you are interested in renting. 

What to consider


  • You usually pay rent in monthly instalments 
  • You have some flexibility who you live with and how you live 
  • Lease is generally for 12 months or longer 
  • Rent can work out cheaper than student residence accommodation 


  • You must be in Dublin for your accommodation search
  • You need to arrive well before your course starts to focus on accommodation search 
  • You will need to book temporary accommodation for the first few weeks 
  • Time-consuming to search and view accommodation 
  • Difficult to focus on studies while searching 
  • Target for accommodation scams

Accommodation Links 

The best place to look for accommodation is online. We have compiled the most common platforms to search accommodation to rent and share. 

Please note NCI is not affiliated with any of the listed accommodation providers. NCI have not visited nor vetted any of these accommodation options. Details are for information only. 

Online Platforms

In the following you will find the most common online platforms to search for long-term accommodation in Dublin. 

Social Media

Connecting with friends who are already in Dublin or linking in with current NCI students is a good starting point for your accommodation search. Quite often existing NCI students share vacancies at their accommodation with us at the International Office.