Students carrying boxes Moving day for students as they make their way to their on-campus apartment


NCI On Campus for September 2019

NCI On Campus Accommodation booking is now open at his link:

Before making your booking you must ensure that you have the following:

1. An unconditional Offer

2. Paid your tuition fees in full

3. Be ready to pay the booking fee of €400 now by credit card

4. Be ready to pay the first instalment of rent in July

5. You must use this NOMINATION CODE to make the booking 9574-141807   

For further details on the booking process, see our on-campus accommodation guide.

On Campus Fees

The fee is €7,700 for 39 weeks On Campus accommodation and this must be paid with three payments:

1. €400 booking fee. This must be paid to create your booking and can ONLY be paid by credit card.

2. €3850 secures the room booking and must be paid into the NCI bank account by 31 July. This payment can be paid by credit card or Transfer Mate (formally known as PaytoStudy) or Bank Transfer and MUST be paid in plenty of time to reach the NCI bank account by 31 July. Late payments will result in the booking being cancelled.

3. €3450 to be paid by 20 November. This payment can be paid by credit card or TransferMate (formally known as Pay to Study) or Bank Transfer 

On Campus Rooms - Some Details

  • The lease is for 39 Weeks 
  • The move in date is from 7 September 2019 
  • The move out date is 6 June 2020 
  • The rent includes utilities (light, heat and hot water) - this is subject to fair usage policy.