Buy Medical Insurance 

Private medical insurance is a requirement for an Irish study visa e.g. visa stamp 2, 2A or 1G. Students must buy their own medical insurance as it is not provided by NCI.

Medical Insurance Providers

Students can buy medical insurance from any provider in their *home Country (first year only) or from Ireland, which must include hospital cover and a minimum of €25,000 for Accident and €25,000 for Disease. Also, students should ensure that it meets all their own needs and in particular for any pre-existing conditions.

There are two types of medical insurance policy that students can buy from Irish providers.

  • Travel Policy: These policies are cheaper than private health insurance.  From 2nd October 2020 this type of policy is only available to students in their first year in Ireland.  They are designed specifically for International students and currently meet student visa requirements. The travel policies that students most commonly buy are from:
  • Private Health Insurance:  From 2nd October 2020, Students in Ireland more than 12months must buy private medical insurance.  There are a number of providers of private health insurance in Ireland such as VHI, Laya and Irish Life.  Their products are more expensive than a travel policy and are designed for everyone living in Ireland.  There are a large range of policies that you can choose from and the HIA (Health Insurance Authority) have a comparison tool to help you decide on the best policy to suit your needs, budget and the requirements for your student visa.

*International Students can buy medical Insurance from their home Country for their first year in Ireland only after that they must buy Private Health Insurance from an Irish Provider .