Entry Requirements


Qualification Leads to entry into
High School Certificate (details below) and an appropriate ATAR/Overall Position (Queensland) score:
Capital Territory: Australia Capital Territory Year 12 Certificate
New South Wales: Higher School Certificate 
Northern Territory: Northern Territory Certificate of Education / Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training 
Queensland: Queensland Certificate of Education 
South Australia: South Australian Certificate of Education 
Tasmania: Tasmanian Certificate of Education 
Victoria: Victorian Certificate of Education 
Western Australia: Western Australia Certificate of Education
Year 1 of Bachelor degree (Level 4)
A recognised International Foundation course from a UK institution following a validated UK syllabus. Entry requirements vary but we normally ask for between 60% and 65% Year 1 of Bachelor degree 
Associate Degree (2 years) Possibly year 2 of Bachelor degrees

Entry onto Postgraduate programmes

If you are applying for a Masters (e.g. MA, MSc, MBA) programme at NCI, you will be required to meet the English Language Requirements and will typically have one of the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree from a recognized institution with an award of 2.2 or higher, depending on subject area.
  • Holders of a three-year Bachelor degree (Ordinary) may be considered for entry onto some postgraduate diploma or Masters courses where the applicant has very high grades or additional relevant work experience.

Representatives in Your Country

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Global Study Partners N/A www.globalstudypartners.com
StudyCo Melbourne  study@studyco.com

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