Entry Requirements




Qualification Leads to entry into
Successful completion of bachillerato with good grades Possibly year 1 of Bachelors degrees
Tecnico Superior Universitario Year 1 of Bachelors degree
Salida Lateral/Carrera Corta leading to a diploma or Titulo Tecnico Year 1 of Bachelors degree
A recognised International Foundation course from an Irish/UK institution. Entry requirements vary but we normally ask for between 60% and 65% Year 1 of Bachelors degree
Salida Lateral or Carrera Corta (2-3 years) leading to a Diploma or Titulo Tecnico Possibly year 2 of Bachelors degree
Técnico Superior Universitario Possibly year 2 of Bachelors degree


Entry onto Postgraduate programmes

If you are applying for a Masters (e.g. MA, MSc, MBA) programme at NCI, you will be required to meet the English Language Requirements and will typically have one of the following qualifications:

  • Licenciado / Professional title awarded after 4 or more years of study with good grades 
  • Maestría
  • Curso de Especialización
  • Bachelor degree from a recognized institution with an award of 2.2 or higher, depending on subject area 
  • If you have five to seven years relevant work experience, we may consider you without a Bachelor degree on an individual basis for some Masters programmes. 

Representatives in your country

Our representatives in your country


Local Partner Website
School Apply www.schoolapply.com


FIDERH Scholarships

We have a partnership agreement with the Mexican Fund for Human Resources Development (FIDERH). This enables us to offer a €4,000 tuition fee discount for all master’s students and €2,000 for all Undergraduate students from Mexico who are funded by FIDERH. 


FIDERH, the federal trust managed by the Central Bank of Mexico, provides affordable loans to help Mexican students finance their studies either at home or abroad. Find out more on the FIDERH website

Applying for FIDERH funding 

To apply for FIDERH funding, you must have an offer (unconditional, or conditional upon the English language) to study at an approved college or university. To apply for your place at NCI, submit a formal application and supporting documentation. Please be aware that to receive an unconditional offer, our English language requirement will also have to be met. 

When you have an offer of a place at NCI, you can apply directly to FIDERH via their website. 

Please note that students holding more than one scholarship from NCI will only be entitled to one tuition fee scholarship from the International Office, at the highest applicable rate. 

Find out more 

For more information about FIDERH scholarships please contact FIDERH: 

Banco de Mexico-FIDERH, Financiamiento Educativo, Gante 21, 1st floor, Centro Del. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico D.F 06000 City. 

For more information on studying at NCI under the FIDERH programme please contact the International Office.