The college is committed to providing equal access to education and equal opportunities for students with disabilities. This policy extends to the library, where we offer a number of services to help those with special educational needs to help them in their study and progression through college.

Library Access

The library is housed on the ground floor of the National College of Ireland. Students who can not use the entrance turnstile can access using the central gates. We try to ensure that all aisles are clear and accessible for all library users.

Support for students with Special Educational Needs in the Library

The library offers a number of support and services for students with special educational needs. To find out if you are eligible please contact the Disability Officer to arrange a needs assessment. Following the assessment, registered students will be told what services they can avail of from the library. 

Registered students may have access to:

Special borrowing privileges: Undergraduate, diploma and certificate students with special borrowing privileges are offered an extended loan period of six weeks.

Alternative formatting: Students with certain needs sometimes cannot make full use of traditional print material. In these circumstances the library will try to acquire any core texts in an accessible, electronic format for students.

Assistive Technology (AT) Room: The library has an AT room which houses special equipment for students with special educational needs. It includes computers with screen reading software, headsets with microphones and an interactive screen.  Training can be arranged through the IT department and Disability Office.

Please note that all library communications concerning book renewals, overdue books and reservations will be sent to your N.C.I. student email account.

If you have any queries regarding your access to the library, please contact Tim Lawless, who can assist or direct you to the relevant information. You can find more information about the various supports and services in the college here.