A breakdown of the contents provided by NCI in each apartment and for each resident.

NCI students in on-campus apartment NCI students in on-campus apartment


Living Room/Kitchen Area

1 Dining Table
Chairs (number varies with apartment size)
Kitchen Units
1 Toaster
1 Kettle
1 Fire Blanket
1 Coffee Table
Couches (number varies with apartment size)
1 Cooker
1 Washing Machine
1 Intercom
1 Bucket and Mop
1 Dustpan and Brush
1 Sweeping Brush
Pans and Saucepans
Light Shades
Crockery and Cutlery


Per resident

1 Bed and Mattress
1 Study Chair
1 Study Desk
1 Shelf Unit
1 Wardrobe
1 Duvet
1 Pillow
1 Study Lamp
1 Wicker Bin
1 Toilet Brush
1 Shower Curtain