About us

The NCI IT Department has responsibility for the provision of Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and services to meet the needs of the college's diverse user population.

The IT Department is responsible for ensuring that all systems and related technology are available and operating in an efficient & secure manner.

NCI’s IT Department provides a number of computing and networking services, including:

  • Network, server and user account management
  • Provision of desktop PCs and required software and applications to users.
  • IP telephony services
  • Provision of public and private cloud infrastructure to students as required
  • Provision of relevant IT support services to students, staff and faculty, business incubation clients and commercial events 

The college has high-speed access to the Internet. This service is provided through HEAnet, the National Education and Research Internet Service Provider.

IT facilities for registered students:

  • Dedicated IT services account to access services
  • Access to student PCs in a number of dedicated locations throughout the college
  • Printers and multifunctional photocopiers
  • Extensive WIFI network supporting Eduroam
  • Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment)
  • Citrix VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Citrix)
  • Course-specific software and applications
  • Office 365 student email account
  • Assistive technology services
  • Dedicated IT Support Desk Service

Online services:

  • Student portal
  • File storage
  • NCI Support Hub
  • Online resource databases

For more information and support, contact the IT Department:

Online: NCI Support Hub

Tel: 01 449 8667 or 01 449 8671