NCI is committed to supporting every aspect of a student's welfare, whether it's their physical, mental or practical wellbeing.

NCI students in the college canteen NCI students chatting in the college canteen


At National College of Ireland, we want our students to find their years with us not only successful on an academic level but also rewarding on a personal and a social level. To help achieve this, we have set up a number of facilities to provide advice, support and encouragement - some of these are described below.

Student Assistance Fund

The purpose of the Student Assistance Fund (SAF) is to provide financial support to disadvantaged students who would be unable to fully benefit from third level education without external support.

The SAF is best described as a relief fund as opposed to a survival package. Students are encouraged to source additional supports outside the fund, as typically the fund will ease a financial burden rather than totally alleviating the situation.


The SAF is available to full- and part-time students who are participating on a course of no less than one year in duration, which leads to an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification. 

The categories below serve as an example of some of the instances in which a student may be approved for funding. Please note that a student is not automatically approved for funding if he/she falls into one of the categories listed below. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis with direction from the guidelines below.

  • Student must be experiencing considerable financial difficulty
  • Student has no access to financial assistance from other sources
  • Student is unable to meet daily living expenses
  • Financial difficulties are negatively impacting on education
  • Student has sudden or unseen expenses that he/she is unable to meet
  • Student is in financial difficulty due to bereavement in the family
  • Student is in financial difficulty to family breakdown
  • Student who is part-time and who falls in to one of the categories of target groups as specified by the HEA’s National Access Plan

Further information can be found on the Student Assistance Fund page.

Counselling service

College life can sometimes produce a great deal of stress, resulting from deadlines and workload to personal difficulties. The Counselling Service provides an opportunity to discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing with a qualified person. The counsellor will help by listening without judgement, offering new perspectives and working with you on strategies that are right for you.

Medical service

National College of Ireland provides a subsidised medical service to all full-time registered students. The Hanover Medical Centre, located just minutes from the college, are the appointed doctors for NCI. The Medical Centre provides full male and female health screening, cardiovascular screening, occupational health, travel vaccinations, minor surgery, nursing care, sports injuries and specialist clinics. Students are charged €10 per appointment and the balance is paid by the College.