Here you will find information on the Doctoral Symposium keynote speaker for the UFHRD Conference in 2023, being held in National College of Ireland in Dublin.

Doctoral Symposium UFHRD Conference 2023 The Doctoral Symposium Lead is Professor Laura Lee Bierema.


5 reasons to attend the UFHRD / AHRD Doctoral Symposium:

  1. Develop your network – being a PhD / Professional Doctoral student can be an incredibly lonely place. The UFHRD/Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) Doctoral Symposium will offer you both structured and unstructured networking opportunities during and after the event, networking with likeminded people who share your passion and specialism interests.
  2. Meet the experts – the UFHRD/AHRD Doctoral Symposium provides an informal and developmental space where you will speak with, learn from, and gain valuable opinions and dedicated feedback from established senior professionals and scholars from the people management field.
  3. Innovative ideas – the UFHRD/AHRD Doctoral Symposium is the annual meeting place where you can ‘test’ your ideas and put them out there to gain constructive and developmental insight. It is also a place where you will find out what ground-breaking ideas, discoveries and current theories are for your specialism.
  4. Dealing with the killer question – one of the most important aspects of creating new knowledge, and evidencing implications for professional practice, is being able to ‘theorise’ and answer the ‘killer question’ – “What is my unique contribution?” This event will provide you with tips and tricks on how to do this.
  5. Building your confidence – the UFHRD/AHRD Conference will provide you with a safe space, where you can ask questions, present ideas, and talk to like-minded people about your research, building your confidence as both a researcher and scholar in your subject specialism. It doesn’t matter where you are in your research journey; the start, the middle, or the end – we would love for you to join us and to hear about your ideas, and to help build your confidence in a friendly and fun environment.

Doctoral Symposium Keynote Speaker

The Doctoral Symposium Lead is Professor Laura Lee Bierema.

Professor Laura Lee Bierema

Professor Laura Lee Bierema

Dr. Bierema is a Cyril O. Houle Scholar in Adult and Continuing Education and Lilly Fellow. She is the recipient of the Richard A. Swanson Excellence in Research Award and four Academy of Human Resource Development’s “Cutting Edge” Awards for best conference paper. She is the 2009 recipient of the Highly Commended Award by the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence; 2012 winner of the University of Georgia College of Education Russell H. Yeany, Jr. Research Award; 2012 recipient of the Sherpa Trailblazer of the Year Award in recognition of innovation application of the Sherpa Coaching Process; 2013 winner of the Academy of Human Resource Development’s Outstanding Scholar Award; 2014 winner of the Academy of Human Resource Development’s Book of the Year; 2015 winner of the University, Professional, and Continuing Education Association Phillip E. Frandson Award for Literature; 2017 recognition as a Master Executive Coach by Sherpa Coaching; and 2018 U.S. Fulbright Research Scholar.

Doctorial Symposium Chairs

Information on the Doctorial Symposium Chairs for this years UFHRD Conference.

Dr Fotios Mitsakis

Headshot of Dr Fotios MitsakisDr Fotios Mitsakis

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management / Organisational Behaviour

Nottingham Business School

Professor Carole Elliot

Headshot of Professor Carole ElliottProfessor Carole Elliott

Associate Dean for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Development, Professor of Organisation Studies

Sheffield University Management School

Professor Julie Davies

Headshot of Professor Julie DaviesProfessor Julie Davies

Global Business School for Health

University College London