Learn more about NCI's International Peer Mentors, and how you can apply to become one.

International Peer Mentors International Peer Mentors play an integral role in the NCI Welcome Programme.

Who are our NCI International Peer Mentors?

International Peer Mentors are are full-time students at NCI, who work for and with the international office on a part-time basis (typically for one year).

They are carefully selected to represent the diverse student body, encompassing a variety of genders, courses, and nationalities.

International Peer Mentors assist the International Support Team by playing an integral role to the NCI welcome programme, as well as actively participating in social and cultural events throughout the academic year.

What do International Peer Mentors do?

  • Promote the College: Actively promote the college to prospective and current students. 
  • Welcome and Support: Help new students integrate into college life, offering guidance and signposting. 
  • Share Experiences: Share their personal experiences as students to help others. 
  • Assist with Welcome Programme: Lead and host student events and workshops as part of the Welcome Programme.
  • Event Organization: Assist in organizing and suggesting events and celebrations. 
  • Create Social Media Content: Develop engaging content for the college's social media channels. 
  • Participate in Recruitment Fairs: Represent the college at recruitment fairs to attract new students. 
  • Generate Event Interest: Spark interest in various events and trips. 
  • Engage on Unibuddy: Chat with students on the Unibuddy platform, providing assistance and answering questions.

How can you become an International Peer Mentor?

Recruitment for International Peer Mentors will be open from 12th - 28th June 2024You can view the job description and submit your application via the buttons below.

Please note: To apply, you need to be a registered student for the academic year 24/25, graduating in/after spring 2025.

What are the advantages of becoming an International Peer Mentor?

  • Assist Incoming Students: Provide valuable support and guidance to new students.
  • Enhance Communication Skills: Develop and improve your communication abilities on different levels. 
  • Gain Experience: Acquire practical experience in a supportive role. 
  • Boost Your C.V.: Add a notable achievement to your resume.
  • Compatible with Other Jobs: Easily manage this role alongside another part-time job. 
  • Flexible Hours: Choose your own working hours to fit your schedule. 
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with administration, alumni, and fellow students.
Contact International Peer Mentors
Both current and prospective students can reach out to some of our Peer Mentors using the NCI / Unibuddy Platform.