A Quiet Space at NCI

Our bespoke sensory room provides a safe and quiet space for autistic students and staff to self-regulate and de-stress when feeling overwhelmed.

Minister Simon Harris Visiting NCI's Sensory Room

Minister Simon Harris visiting NCI's new sensory room.

Students and staff on the autism spectrum can access our new Sensory Room, located in Executive 5 in the Research Building, when visiting our IFSC campus.

Designed by Adam and Friends, the room provides a calm space where autistic students and staff can come when they feel overwhelmed.

You do not need to have declared your autism to access this room however, we recommend that our students contact our Disability Officer Jill Woodnutt to avail of the supports the College offers.

National College of Ireland was awarded Autism Friendly Status by advocacy group AsIAm and is the second Higher Education Institution in Ireland to receive the designation.

Sensory Room Features

You will be able to use and see the following features in the room:

  • Sensory pod
  • Remote-controlled vibration pad
  • Blackout blinds
  • Noise-cancelling headphone
  • Colour changing infinity panels
  • Bean bags and couches
  • A variety of lighting and sounds options

Sensory Pod

This state-of-the-art installation offers a soundproof space with:

  • An interactive learning screen
  • A multimedia system
  • A comfortable mattress
  • Ambient lighting
  • Noise cancelling headphones

Thank you to The Sensory Pod team for providing this incredibly valuable space for our students and staff.