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Benefits for Employers

Our IT students have a solid theoretical base, which they are keen to put into practice. Some of the benefits employers enjoy by providing work placement for our high calibre students include:

Your Profile

You will raise your organisations profile whilst gaining early access to a large pool of talented and motivated IT students to assist with specialist projects.


Placements can also provide your staff with valuable people management and mentoring experience.

Extra Resources

Students provide skilled extra resources at lower cost to ease the workload on experienced staff.

Future Hires

Employing placement students gives your organisation an opportunity to evaluate students potential as future employees.

College Links

Placements provide an ideal opportunity for employers to foster links with the National College of Ireland and to establish long-term relationships with relevant academics.

Course Design

A unique opportunity for your organisation to give feedback and influence course curricula.

Good Public Relations

Your company is seen to be investing in the future talent.

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