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Living Costs

Before arriving in Dublin for your studies, you need to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover the duration of your stay. Students from visa required countries must demonstrate that they have access to a minimum of €7,000 a year as part of their visa application.

While you may be able to take up part-time work during your stay in Ireland, you should not have to rely on this income to meet all your expenses.

To assist you on understanding the cost of living in Ireland you should take the following into consideration.

Accommodation costs

Your biggest monthly expense will be for accommodation and we estimate you should budget for the following.

  1. On-campus accommodation (not-catered)
  2. The total cost for 40 weeks on-campus accommodation is €5,760 which can be paid as follows:

    • €3,030 to secure your place before you arrive which includes a deposit of €300
    • €1,365 must be paid by November 3rd 2014
    • €1,365 must be paid by February 2nd 2015

    When you leave the apartment €245 of your deposit is returned to you as €55 covers insurance.

  3. Off-campus accommodation (own room/ studio) - on an average (€500 - 700)
  4. Off-campus Accommodation (shared room) - on an average (€300 - 400)

Monthly Living Expenses

For cost of living we would highly recommend that you refer to the following websites as price of essentials, transportation costs, etc. may change with short notice.


Other websites which may be of assistance are as follows:

Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

Education Ireland

One-Off Costs

In addition to accommodation and monthly living expenses you should also consider other one-off costs. This is for costs which you only have to pay once, not regularly which you may have to pay if you are travelling to Ireland.

* Visa application
* Travel insurance
* Medical insurance
* Post/baggage to/from Ireland
* Registration with police (As on July, 2014 this is €300)
* Re-Entry Visa (As on July, 2014 this is €60 for single entry and 100 for multiple entry)
* Television
* Mobile Phone
* Deposit for Off-Campus Rental Accommodation (You will probably have to pay a deposit if you move into accommodation that is privately owned. This is usually the same amount as about 4 weeks of rent. it should be returned to you at the end of your stay unless you have damaged the property in some way).

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