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Rented Accommodation Off Campus

Finding accommodation is one of the biggest challenges that all students have to face at the start of the academic year. Students from Ireland and International Students all arrive in Dublin at the same time seeking accommodation and the competition to find the right accommodation, in the right location at the right price is difficult for everyone.

We recommend that you read as much information on renting in Ireland before you start your search for accommodation and the following websites offer some useful information.




If you choose to rent you should take the following into consideration:

• While searching for an apartment / room share you will have to stay in short term accommodation when you arrive in Dublin and this could take up to 4 weeks.

• If renting an apartment or house with other students you will have to sign a lease for a minimum period of time which is usually one year.

• When renting an apartment or house you will have to give a security deposit in addition to the first month rent (this should be returned to you when you leave if you don’t break the terms of the lease).

• You should budget for additional costs such refuse collection, gas, electricity, Internet and travel costs.

• NCI is in Dublin 1 and the cost to rent in the city centre is generally higher than other areas outside the city.

• Generally the further you go outside the city the cheaper it is to rent however, you have to consider other costs such as travel time and the cost for a monthly student ticket on the red luas line is €66 per month.

There are a number of online databases and websites that students use when looking for rented accommodation in Dublin and these will allow you to view what’s available to rent.

The average cost to rent a two bedroom apartment in Dublin City is €1200 and this is for a maximum of 4 people sharing. However, you also have the option of renting a room in a house with families or home owners and you should also consider this option.

The following are some of the most popular websites to search for apartments or rooms to rent.






* Search under 'lettings' for Apartments or houses to rent
* Search under 'Sharing' to rent a room in a house or apartment share



* Go to Dublin Student Accommodation and select National College of Ireland
* A list of Houses/ Apartments to rent near to NCI will be displayed
* A list of Shared Accommodation (rent a room in a house/apartment) near to NCI will be displayed

Student Accommodation Off Campus


* Select either Student Apartments or Off Campus Housing
* The Herberton Apartments are on the Red Luas Line which will bring you directly to the NCI Campus in 20 minutes.

College Cribs.ie


* Create an account
* Search for accommodation
* Contact a landlord
* Check out the advice for students searching for accommodation

Indians in Ireland Message Board


* Some students from India have successfully found accommodation using this message board.
* Simply put a message up on the board that you are moving to Dublin and seeking accommodation near to National College of Ireland.



* Chinese students may find this website useful as it has a lot of useful information for Chinese people living in Ireland.
* There is also a section for renting/ sharing a house or flat with people from your home country.

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