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Education Agents

NCI places great value on the support you provide our students and our working relationship with you. Without our agents, we wouldn't have been able to achieve the outstanding success and continued growth that we have so far.

An important aspect of NCI’s new Strategy is to develop further our Internationalisation Strategy, including increasing the number of students from outside of Ireland. This will only be achievable with your support and we are committed to ensuring we continue to grow together.

A key part of our commitment to our partners is to ensure that we provide the very highest levels of relationship management with you. To do so, we strictly limit the number of agents that we work with and as such are very selective on who we work with.

If you wish to apply to be considered as an agent for NCI, please complete the application form and forward to our international office.

I very much welcome any ideas that you might have that would enable us to co-operate more closely, and I look forward to developing a mutually-beneficial working relationship over the coming years.

Please feel free to contact me or any of my team, should you require any assistance.

Very best wishes,

Richard Barry
Director – International Development

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