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FAQs: Interviews for School of Computing

4.1 What do I need to Complete an Interview?
1. Webcam & Microphone
2. Broadband (min 250Kbps)

4.2 How do I know if I need to attend an interview?
An email will be sent to you that contains a unique URL, you should click on that link and choose a password to complete the signup process.

4.3 Can I complete a Practice Interview?
Yes, you will be given the opportunity to complete a practice interview to ensure any technical issues regarding the video or sound quality can be rectified before the actual interview (NCI does not receive a copy of this). It is important to note the practice interview will not include the actual interview questions.

4.4 What happens if I do not complete the interview by the closing date?
In the event you do not complete the interview by the specified closing date, you will be sent a new link to a new interview. You will receive 3 separate interview invitations. If you have still not 
completed after the third invitation there application will be withdrawn and the relevant Agent Manager informed.

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