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FAQs: NCI English Test

1.1 How do I book a NCI test?
Test can be booked through the Admissions team or agent Manager for Ireland.

1.2 How is the NCI test carried out?
The test consists of 3 elements, online comprehension and listening, paper written and a 10 minute interview with the assessor.
NCI use the Cambridge placement test and a sample for the online test can be found at Cambridge Website.

1.3 When will I receive my result?
Results are usually available within 2 days of the test. Maximum waiting time should be 1 week. 

1.4 Will I receive a certificate of my result?
This is a free test and is used for internal purposes only, candidates do not receive any certification on completion.

1.5 How often are the tests carried out?
We have a test every month. Contact admissions@ncirl.ie to book your test.


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