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Code of Conduct

NCI values highly the relationships that it has built with its appointed representatives around the world.  We believe that we offer an exceptional service in respect of the training, marketing and support that we provide.

 In return for this support, we feel it is important that our agents adhere not only to the letter of the law in our contracts, but to the high standards of behaviour that we expect.

 The following Code of Conduct sets out the conduct we expect, contractually and otherwise, our representatives to follow.

The guidelines below are not an exhaustive list of our expectations, and are supplemented by the terms of our contract with overseas representatives.

1. ‘Agent’ shall have no right to enter into a contract or agreement which might bind NCI.

2. ‘Agent’ shall at all times act with integrity, reliability and honesty. Promoting themselves ethically as well as professionally.

3. ‘Agent’ should ensure that the information provided to applicants at all stages of the application process (from enquiry to pre-departure advice) including visa advice, is clear and unambiguous. The information provided by ‘Agent’ should be accurate and to a sufficient level of detail to allow applicants to make an informed decision. ‘Agent’ shall not mislead applicants, even by way of omission.

4. ‘Agent’ shall promote themselves and NCI fairly and without recourse to defame or inaccurately convey the reputation or interests of other Higher Education institutions.

5. ‘Agent’ shall at all times act towards NCI conscientiously, in good faith and comply with all reasonable and lawful instructions of the College and not allow interests to conflict with the duties it owes the College under the agreement and any applicable laws.

6. ‘Agent’ shall obtain all necessary permits, licences and permissions or approvals necessary and advisable for their business in the country/countries in which they operate.

7. ‘Agent’ shall not charge any fees to applicants for counselling, applications or visa services without the prior agreement of NCI. Where agreed fees are charged, prospective applicants should be provided with clear and accurate details in writing prior to any counselling. If NCI introduces a prospective student to a partner, we would expect that all fees are waived.

8. ‘Agent’ shall (both during the time of the Agreement and after its termination) maintain confidentiality, and will not use (other than strictly for the purposes of the Memorandum), or disclose to a third party (without prior written consent from the College) any confidential information as defined by NCI.

9. ‘Agent’ should establish and maintain a good working relationship with Enterprise Ireland (where applicable), particularly the education promotional unit for the promotion of Irish education and culture, as well as having up-to-date information and materials on NCI, Dublin and Ireland.

10. NCI is committed to carrying out its academic and business functions in an honest and ethical manner in respect of its conduct both at home and overseas. ‘Agent’ must conduct their business in accordance with this relevant local and international legislation.

11. ‘Agent’ shall not assign any of the duties afforded to them by the Agreement to any third parties, including the provision of student accommodation.

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