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Before You Arrive

We created this simple checklist to help you prepare for your departure.

Gather important documents
  • Your passport, your visa to enter Ireland (if applicable) and medical insurance for your time in Ireland.
  • NCI letters confirming your offer and payment, as you may have to produce these at immigration in Dublin Airport.
Book your flight and inform NCI of your arrival
  • Book your flights in advance and arrive in plenty of time to settle in before registration and orientation. We recommend that you aim to arrive at least two weeks before your classes commence.
  • Check if you require a transit visa for the country you will be stopping over. Some countries like the United Kingdom ask for transit visas for certain nationalities even though the stopover is for a few hours.
  • Complete the 'Student Arrival and Airport Collection Form' and email it to sheila.mahon@ncirl.ie
  • Book your accommodation for your arrival in Ireland - remember you need to do this before you leave your home country.
  • For all accommodation options please refer to the booklets for On Cam[pus Accommodation and Off Campus accommodation and living costs.
What to pack
  • Keep your important documents in your hand luggage.
  • Please DO NOT carry too much cash with you and always have at least two emergency contact numbers with you. One of them can be NCI's.
  • Chargers for your technology.
  • Please note that the electricity plugs in Ireland may be different from your home country so a global adapter is recommended.

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