Mentoring benefits

Mentoring provides you with an opportunity to contribute to the career development of an MA in Human Resource Management student by sharing the knowledge you have acquired throughout your career.

Your involvement will benefit you as well, as the project gives you the opportunity to:

  • Establish/re-establish a link with the NCI community
  • Network with other mentors/colleagues from your industry sector
  • Develop and practice coaching skills
  • Gain an understanding of the issues facing graduates as they embark on their career
  • Gain satisfaction from helping another individual to grow in confidence
  • Reflect on your own experiences from a new perspective
  • Keep up to date with academic developments in your line of business 
  • Develop your understanding of higher education today and the expectations of students coming into the workplace
  • The opportunity to screen potential employees/interns

Will students think I can secure them a job at my organisation?

No. Students are aware that they are not to use the Mentor Programme to solicit employment opportunities from mentors. Although internships and informational interviews are possible outcomes of a mentoring relationship, employment will not be expected. The purpose of the mentoring programme is merely to facilitate communication between you, the mentor and students regarding your career field.