Your commitment

The commitment needed from mentors is flexible, but we do ask you to follow a few guidelines, as detailed below.

As a mentor you will assist and guide students in their career planning process and provide them with practical insights into the role of HR and the value that a high-performing strategic HR function can contribute. Students will be keen to get your opinion on what they plan to do after college, advice on the jobs market, possible opportunities within HR. They will also be very interested in how you arrived at where you are today in your career. They will also be keen to get your thoughts on the current trends in HR and how to network. 

The volunteer commitment is flexible but we ask that you:

  • Agree a contact schedule with your mentee at the start of the process. We do not set rules with regard to the frequency and length of your meetings. As a guideline, we advise four meetings lasting between 60 and 90 minutes over the course of the programme (January-May) 
  • Pre-establish methods and parameters for contact 
  • Provide the mentee with 1-2 days’ work shadowing experience with you or someone within your HR department
  • Complete a brief evaluation midway through the programme and at the conclusion

When does the programme run?

The project will run within a defined timescale, which is between January and May.