Getting involved

Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Here's how to get involved in the NCI Mentoring Programme, plus details on support for mentors.

We welcome enquiries from alumni interested in becoming mentors for students from of our part-time and full-time courses. Please contact Caroline Kennedy, Career Development & Employability Manager at to express your interest.

Please include your name, course, year of graduation and your current employment in the email so we can best match you to our students.

Support for mentors

Support for mentors will involve a number of elements:

  • Introductory networking and information session covering the mentoring process, the mentoring contract and student expectations.
  • A Mentoring Handbook for Mentors to guide you through the process and provide you with ideas for sessions.
  • Contact details for the designated Careers Advisor.
  • Contact with the Careers Officer throughout, to ensure the match is working well.