How to partner with NCI

There are many ways in which employers can partner with NCI to mentor and guide promising students in their future careers. Please click on the headings below to find out more and contact Careers Team to discuss the opportunities further.

Live Industry Projects

Work with academics and the NCI Careers team to bridge the gap between theory and application by providing students with a live project in areas including marketing, audit and HR. Student groups develop and present a report to employers on completion of their research.


NCI has been running successful mentoring programmes for HR students for the past number of years. We would like to give as many students as possible the chance to participate; we are also keen to expand mentoring to other programme areas, such as marketing, accounting and computing. 

Mentors from all sectors, any size of organisation, in any location are invited to get involved. Through a combination of meetings, emails and telephone conversations, a mentor will provide support to their mentee between October - January and/or January – April and we estimate mentoring will involve a commitment of about 3-4 hours over these four months. Mentors provide advice, guidance and support encouraging students and graduates to explore options, focus thoughts, identify their career goals and develop their job-seeking skills. 

Industry Advisory Board

Industrial Advisory Boards are involved in the planning for all of our new and continually evolving degrees and provide opportunities for employers to contribute towards the strategic direction of academic programmes. The boards assist in ensuring that degree programmes reflect current developments and trends, meet skill requirements and ensures course content is shaped from an industry perspective.

Industrial Dissertations

The School of Computing welcomes collaboration with employers on research projects/industrial dissertations in the areas of Cloud Computing and Web Technologies

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