How to develop your brand

Advice and opportunities to develop your brand as an employer among NCI students - so your company will be top of the list for talented graduates when it comes to job hunting.

Work Placement

Offering placement and internship opportunities to our students is a very practical way to develop your future workforce pipeline. Not only do work placements provide a valuable learning opportunity for our students, they also give you the opportunity to develop a talent pipeline. To find out more about how offering placements and internships can build a relationship with NCI and our students contact

Certificate in Career Management and Employability Skills

Work with us on our non-credit bearing Certificate in Career Management & Employability Skills which is delivered in partnership with 10 -12 employers. The programme aims to help students understand the competencies recruiters are looking for, and how to sell the skills they develop through their academic course, work experience and extra-curricular activities. The programme includes panel discussions, interactive workshops, mock assessment centres and practice interviews, all delivered by graduate recruiters.

Skill Development Sessions

Collaborate with us by delivering or jointly delivering seminars related to: job seeking skills, team work and team building, commercial awareness, emotional intelligence, interview techniques, CV writing skills, navigating assessment centres, interview skills and psychometric tests.

Mock interviews

Mock interview sessions are an opportunity for NCI students to practice their interviewing skills with graduate recruiters.  Each student has 10-15 minutes to answer 3-4 interview questions with an employer.  Employers then provide constructive feedback to students.  These events develop and enhance the students’ interviewing and networking skills. 

CV Clinics

CV Clinics are always fully subscribed and very popular amongst students. We encourage hiring managers, human resource management staff, college relations staff, and recruiters to participate as it is a great way to provide your organisation with visibility on campus and an opportunity to network with NCI students. 

Employer site visits

Open your doors to a group of students for a brief introduction to your company, a tour of your office and introductions to relevant staff members and NCI alumni working on site. Designed for networking and career exploration, these site visits each 1-1/2 to 2 hours long are an opportunity for students to see first-hand what they can expect working in a variety of industries, get an insight into industry trends and organisational culture and an opportunity for them to expand their network.

Sponsor a prize

There are opportunities for employers to sponsor awards for best project, best performance in final exams or on the basis of other academic or extracurricular achievements.

Guest lectures

We invite employers to bring the workplace into the classroom through your professional knowledge or area of expertise.  This may be through a traditional guest lecture in your area of expertise, a business game, case study etc.

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