Exam Rechecks & Reviews

Guidelines for requesting a recheck or review of an examination result.

Feedback Requests

Requests for feedback should be made via NCI 360. Queries regarding feedback requests should be directed to your Programme Coordinator in the School Administrative Office.

Examination rechecks

Recheck means the administrative operation of checking the recording and the addition of marks.  To apply for an Examination recheck of your results you must complete the appropriate Recheck Application Form and return it along with the appropriate fee* to the Exams Office by the stated deadline

*Where s/he is of the opinion that such is appropriate, the Registrar may retrospectively exempt a student from the application of this rule.

The College will charge a fee of €32 per subject, for a re-check. In the event of a successful re-check, this fee is refundable. Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they comply with the correct procedures or the request will not be processed.


Examination reviews

Students can apply for an examination review after Semester Two and/or Autumn Repeat results are released (when a student has a full set of results).

'Review' means the re-consideration in detail of all or part of the existing examination material where feasible by the internal and external examiner(s). Students should apply for module feedback prior to a request for an examination review.


The grounds for review

Before a review procedure is initiated a detailed written submission in accordance with the following paragraph must be received from the student. The submission must identify the element or elements of the examination in relation to which the review is being sought. It must also specify the grounds on which the review is sought and must contain all information which the candidate requires to have taken into account in the review.

An application for a review will only be considered if it is based on one of the following grounds:

(i) The examination regulations of the College have not been properly implemented

(ii) The regulations do not adequately cover the candidate's case

(iii) Compassionate circumstances related to the candidate's examination situation were made known to the college by the candidate prior to or during the course of the examination concerned and of which the Board of Examiners were unaware.

Procedures to be followed to request a review

The appropriate Review Application Form should be completed and returned along with the fee to the Exams Office. The deadline for receipt of review forms will be no later than the date and time stated. Late forms will not be accepted under any circumstances**

 **Where s/he is of the opinion that such is appropriate the Registrar may retrospectively exempt a student from the application of this rule.

The College will charge a fee of €80 per module for a review. In the event of a successful review, this fee is refundable. Please note that the outcome of a review may result in a higher or lower mark awarded if deemed appropriate.

The review process

(a) The review submission shall be considered by a Standing Committee of Academic Council. The student shall have the right, accompanied if desired by another person, to appear personally before the Committee.

(b) The Standing Committee shall be constituted as follows:

  • Registrar or nominee of the President
  • Three members of the Academic Council
  • One nominee of the student body

Four members shall constitute a quorum. The Standing Committee shall endeavour to reach its decision by majority vote. In the event of a tied vote, the Registrar or President's nominee shall exercise a casting vote.

The Standing Committee shall make known its decision in writing to the student and shall notify Academic Council of its findings. The Chairperson of Academic Council shall then take appropriate action. There shall be no appeal from the decision of Academic Council. The decisions of any Boards of Examiners, Standing Committees of Academic Council or Academic Council shall not be invalidated by reason of the fact that such bodies may, from time to time, comprise some of the same members.