Repeat registration 2020-2021

Guidelines for registering to repeat a full year or individual modules at NCI.

Please review the applicable FAQ Document below regarding Autumn/Repeat Assessment session:

School of Business

School of Computing - September Start Students

School of Computing - January Start Students

Education Programmes

Repeat by Assessment - January 2021

Please complete the Repeat by Assessment Registration Form if you are required to repeat by assessment in January 2021.

Repeat by Attending Registration 2020-2021

The deadlines to register to Repeat by Attending in the 2020/2021 Academic Year are outlined below:

  • Undergraduate Programmes: 4pm Thursday 24th September 2020
  • Higher Diploma Programmes: 4pm Thursday 1st October 2020
  • Postgraduate Programmes: 4pm Thursday 8th October 2020

When completing the Repeat by Attending Registration Form please note the following:

  • If you have attempted and failed a module in both the Summer and Autumn sitting of the previous year, you will be required to pay the Repeat by Attending fees as outlined below
  • If you have deferred a module either in Semester 2 or Autumn or both sittings, then you will not be required to pay the Repeat by Attending fee. 
  • Payment of Repeat by Attending fees will be available on the fees section of MyDetails once your registration has been completed. You will be notified by the Exams Office once you have been registered.

Repeat By Attending - Undergraduate Students (Full-time)

Students who have attempted the repeat assessment in the August exam session and are unsuccessful are required to repeat by attending in the 2019/2020 Academic year.  Please note that the fees are as follows:

Repeat 1 module   €750
Repeat 2 modules €1250
Repeat 3 modules €1750
Repeat 4 modules €2250
Repeat 5 modules €2750
Repeat 6 modules or more €3250

Repeat by Attending - Undergraduate Students (Part-time)

Per module* €500

*capped at course fee

Repeat by Attending - Postgraduate Students (Full-time & Part-time)

Per module* €500

*capped at course fee, excluding Dissertation/Final Project

  Business  Computing
Masters  750.00 1,000.00
Other 500.00 750

*Research Methods module is included in the above price