Living Costs

International students must think about their living expenses before committing to a programme at NCI. The following will give you some idea of what to expect regarding the cost of living in Dublin.

img-student-writing-on-notebook Information for students on the cost of living in Ireland

NCI recommend that a single student will need a minimum of €1200 per month to cover basic living expenses. The amount you actually spend will depend upon where you live and your personal lifestyle. 

You can find further guidance on typical one off costs and monthly costs in this helpful article

It is very important that you research the accommodation options available and how much they cost to allow you to set a realistic budget.


It is very important that you manage your money properly while at college. In order to do this, you must understand how much money you have/will have during an academic year and what your expenses will be for that year.

Once you have identified your expenses, you should draw up a budget, allocating a certain amount of money against specific items. This should help you to manage your money and to cut out unnecessary expenses. You should review your budget on a regular basis.

Remember, it is almost impossible to find financial support after you have arrived in Ireland. Unless you have a written promise of a scholarship or bursary before you arrive, you cannot depend on it. 

Working while studying

Some international students studying at NCI will secure a part-time job to support them while they study. All courses available to international students at NCI allow students to receive a Stamp 2 Student Visa, which means you can work:

  • Up to 20 hours a week 
  • 40 hours a week during Christmas (from 15th December to 15th January) and the summer (June, July, August and September)

There are limited on-campus jobs available to current students, but a number of companies come to our campus each semester to look for students for part-time roles. The minimum wage in Ireland is currently €12.70 per hour.

Whilst we understand the need for most students to fund their time in Dublin with a part-time role, it is vitally important for all students to prioritise their studies.

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