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NCI international students with NCI balloons

Life at NCI

With a community of more than 5,800 students from over 80 countries, National College of Ireland is a truly global university providing excellent opportunities to meet, study and socialise with individuals from all over the world.

Your student experience is about much more than just studying. This page highlights some of the opportunities you can take advantage of while studying with us as an international student.


NCI has a small selection of on-campus rooms. Each room comes with its own bed, study space, bathroom and wardrobe, and shares a living room and kitchen with a number of other rooms. Living on-campus is a convenience, safe and cost effective option for many students.

If you choose to live off-campus, we arrange a number of webinars and meetings before you arrive to help guide you through the process. Unfortunately we are unable to offer short term lettings or ‘hands on’ assistance with off-campus accommodation.

Careers support

Our award-winning Careers and Employability Service offers ongoing support for planning your career throughout your time at NCI and beyond. The NCI Careers centre works proactively with employers to promote the skills and attributes of students and graduates of NCI academic courses. Every year we welcome employers on campus to participate in presentations, employability initiatives and careers fairs.

Academic support

The Learning Support Service is centred around some core areas such as academic writing, reading, maths support, researching, studying, note-taking, exam revision and in general, a focus on aiding a student in all manners of academic advancement. The service provides support in the form of a Getting to Grips - Our Academic Support Services programme.

Each School in NCI has a wide range of support available to help you during your programme. Whether you are studying marketing and need help with an assignment or studying computing and are struggling with programming, there will always be help on hand to ensure you have the best chance of meeting your potential.

Life outside college

While your studies should take priority, NCI encourages all international students to make the most of their experience in Dublin. Ireland is a wonderful country, with so much to see and do, not to mention is a great base from which to visit other parts of Europe.

In partnership with the International Society, the International Office organises a number of visits around Dublin and Ireland for International students. These trips can be an excellent way to meet new friends, experience a different part of life in Dublin and take a break from your studies. We also arrange a number of international celebrations each year, highlighting festivals such as Holi, Chinese New Year and Africa Day.

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