NCI is working hard to make sure that students get a safe and full college experience.

NCI The full range of support services will be available to students.


Support Services

Students will have access to the full range of regular students supports, including Learning Support, Disability Support, Counselling, Financial Support, etc. Support will primarily be made available online or by phone, with some face-to-face meetings by appointment only. There has been no disruption to these services over the past months, and those students who have accessed these services in the past will be able to do so going forward. As circumstances allow, support services will transition back to campus in a phased way.

As part of orientation, the team will outline how these services can be accessed to any new students joining NCI for the first time. The Student Support team understands that the transition to college can be challenging and we will ensure that students have full access to all of the supports they require, in a manner that works best for them. The college also offers specific supports to students registered with our disability service. This includes assistive technology, occupational therapy, and tailored learning support.

If students are struggling with online learning, they should contact Student Support and we will do our utmost to provide you with access to the relevant support you may require. NCI recognises that online learning can prove challenging for some students and we will help you adjust to this new type of learning. There is a designated student support site and live access to student support tutors throughout the semester. Full-time students are supported by college counselling and subsidised medical services.

Social Events

The College will be organising on-campus learning events for smaller groups of students (learning pods) to meet each other face-to-face, except where an undertaking has been given to provide a programme fully online. Through online interactive sessions, group work and class discussions we hope all our students will form a bond with their classmates.

The Students' Union will organise events for you to meet your classmates and socialise online and will also make every effort to arrange physical events, in line with HSE and Government guidelines.

Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Socs have adapted to the new restrictions and continue to be active, and will be very keen to extend their membership to include new students.

Clubs & Societies sign-up day will be held online rather than on-campus, and the opportunity to join will remain open throughout the year. While restricted in some ways, Clubs & Socs have adapted, and will endeavour to operate to their fullest capacity. Follow @NCISU across social media to keep up to date on this and other events.


NCI is consistent in following HSE advice and Government direction. Should we need to restrict access to campus in response to an increase in COVID-19 restrictions, we will do so, however our intention will always be to return to the plan above as soon as possible. 

Please check our FAQs for the most up-to-date information. Students will receive direct communication of updates via college email and Moodle.