NCI is committed to providing every possible facility needed to keep staff, students and guests as safe as possible on campus

NCI Facilities on campus are being made available strictly by appointment only.


Students will only be able to attend on-campus as timetabled by their programme of studies, for pre-booked study, or by pre-arranged appointment. You must swipe your card to log in (and again to log out when exiting) at the entrances to the College.

When you are on-campus, you are expected to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, practice good cough and sneeze etiquette, and regularly wash or sanitise your hands. You should read the Student Protocol before coming on-campus. It is mandatory to complete a questionnaire, declaring yourself symptom-free and not currently self-isolating or quarantining, before you attend on campus. 

Should your circumstances change, for example, should you test positive for COVID-19, or travel to an area where there is an active outbreak, you must resubmit a Covid Questionnaire before returning to the campus.

Where on campus learning events are scheduled as part of your programme of study, these will be part of your timetable and clearly indicated as such.


Classrooms have been laid out to permit social distancing. It is your responsibility to be aware of the current health guidelines, and to observe them at all times: this is to keep you and those around you as safe as possible. It is your responsibility to wipe down your desk area before and after your class or study session. The College will freely provide suitable sanitising material.

Norma Smurfit Library

The Norma Smurfit Library at NCI will be open, albeit at reduced capacity to allow for social distancing. Services also continue online and the library consistently updates its website, which is an excellent source of information as well as home to LibChat, where you can speak directly with a librarian. The library home page will keep you up-to-date with the best way to operate at any time, whatever level of ‘living with COVID-19’ restrictions we are at. From this page, the library team will help you secure the reading materials for your course, access assistance with referencing, and let you know the current level of on-campus provision at any time.

At the moment, there is only single seat study available for students. We do not currently have a date when group study may resume. We will continue to monitor the situation and students will be informed on this website, via library social media and Moodle.

Computer Labs

Computer Labs are currently not available to students. However, this situation will be reviewed, and updates issued. Students are advised to bring their own devices when coming on Campus. All NCI key applications are available online via the NCI myApps portal or the Current Students Hub on the website. In addition, the College provides a Virtual Desktop which students can access. This desktop is the same as that deployed in the college computer labs. It allows access to all NCI standard applications. For information and help on accessing these systems, please visit the NCI Support Hub.

For students that don't have an appropriate laptop for their studies, the College has secured funding to lend laptops to students most in need. The scheme is available to new and returning Irish/EU students. Applications are now open. Terms and conditions apply.

Campus restaurant

Fusion Restaurant will be open to staff and students for takeaway. Face masks will be required when moving through the restaurant. A properly ventilated, covered seating area has been set up in the Quad. 


SV Fitness is open for students and they have upgraded facilities to allow for current health and safety requirements. Training slots for the gym may be booked via the SV Fitness app.

The SU

The Students’ Union common area is open during the academic term. The open hours are from 10am - 4.30pm Monday - Thursday and from 10am - 4pm on Fridays. There is limited capacity and maximum duration displayed on the walls, strict social distancing regulations have been implemented with furniture spaced out to facilitate this.

Microwaves are available for use as well as the table tennis and pool tables. Students are required to wipe down cues and bats etc. before and after use.

The extension area in the SU will remain closed for the time being.

For the latest updates in the SU open hours, students should follow the SU social media accounts.


A limited number of lockers will be available on campus during term time for those who need them. Students can book their locker during a timetabled visit to campus by going to the reception desk in the atrium, 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, and a key will be issued upon receipt of a €25 fee (card payments only). €10 of this is a deposit, refundable upon safe return of the key (again by card only). All lockers have been deep cleaned, however students are recommended to sanitise the locker before personal use, as is best practice with all work and study areas accessed on-campus.


NCI does not have its own accommodation. The Hubble Living Student Accommodation on campus is owned and managed by the Exeter Property Group. It is currently open for bookings. There are other residences available in the area surrounding the College.

For full-time students attending NCI, if you are wondering whether to move to Dublin or stay at home, NCI recommends that, where possible, students should make every effort to attend scheduled on-campus learning events. That said, it will be possible for students who cannot attend campus to access their learning events online for Semester 1. The intention will always be to return to normal delivery of classes when possible, confirmed in advance on a semester-to-semester basis, therefore the possibility of studying remotely for Semester 1 does not guarantee that online study will be possible for the remainder of the academic year.


NCI is consistent in following HSE advice and Government direction. Should we need to restrict access to campus in response to an increase in COVID-19 restrictions, we will do so, however our intention will always be to return to the plan above as soon as possible. 

Please check our FAQs for the most up-to-date information. Students will receive direct communication of updates via college email and Moodle.