NCI is working hard to ensure your arrival to the College is safe and welcoming. 

NCI NCI's course delivery for this academic year meets all requirements for study visas in Ireland.


Class Delivery and Visas

NCI has confirmed with INIS (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service) and the Visa office that NCI’s class delivery this semester will not impact your application for a study visa this September. 

Arriving to Dublin

We recognise that some students may be delayed in travelling to Ireland for their programme start date, perhaps due to localised Government restrictions or the limited availability of international flights. For this reason, we are allowing students to start their programme online in their home country, and to travel to Ireland when it is safe and possible to do so. Students who start online must take note of the following:

  • If you require a visa to enter Ireland, please submit your visa application as soon as possible so that you receive visa approval before the start date of your programme. Please ensure that you apply for a multi-entry visa and pay the appropriate fee. Students will be issued a visa sticker allowing them to enter Ireland before 31 January 2021.
  • You will require visa approval before the start date of your programme, even if you start your programme remotely in your home country. NCI will require proof of visa approval to register you on your programme. If your visa is not approved in time, you can defer to the next available intake for your programme or request a refund.
  • All students (visa-required and non-visa required) must provide an official NCI Port of Entry letter, confirming they are required to be on campus in Ireland to the immigration authorities when they arrive in Ireland. Failure to produce the letter may result in refusal of entry to Ireland.
  • The NCI Port of Entry letter will be issued to all students automatically when students complete the official Starting at NCI / Arrival form. This form must be completed and returned to us before the start date of your programme so that we can register you. For more information on the Starting at NCI form please see this guide.
  • Quarantining

    Current advice is that anyone entering Ireland must restrict their movements for 14 days. For more information on restricting your movements, please see this NCI guide.

    If classes start while you’re quarantining, students will take their classes online while restricting their movement. The majority of classes will be delivered online, with some face-to-face classes. Arrangements will be made, in the current circumstances, for those who cannot attend the face-to-face classes to view them online ‘live’ or as a recorded session.


    NCI does not have student accommodation. The student accommodation on campus is owned and managed by the Exeter Property Group. Please visit for further details. It is currently open for bookings. There are other residences in the area close to the NCI campus.

    We recommend that students book student residence accommodation prior to their arrival, as this is suitable accommodation for restricting movement on arrival for 14 days. Students can get more information on suitable accommodation in the Starting at NCI guide. We recommend that students read the Pre-Arrival Guide for information on accommodation.


    NCI run a Welcome Programme specifically for international students from 7 September and all students will be invited to join a Welcome meeting within a few days of their arrival.

    NCI follows the advice of the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) and the direction of the Irish Government, Should there be any change to college life because of COVID-19 restrictions, we will inform you as soon as possible.