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Qualifying Examinations

To transfer from the award year of a Higher Certificate programme directly into stage two of a level seven or level eight Degree programme, students must attain an overall grade of Merit Grade Two, Merit Grade One or Distinction.

If you are awarded an overall 'Pass' grade in the award year of a Higher Certificate, you can gain entry by sitting qualifying examinations.

Key Points


For 'PASS' award students


  • Indication of your overall marks for each module in semester one and semester two will be issued in your final transcript in June.

  • Modules already at an average of at least 50% do not have to sat as qualifying examinations.

  • Any modules with a mark of 49% or less in semester one or semester two can be sat in the repeat examination session as qualifying examinations.

  • You must attain a mark of 50% in ALL modules (semester one and two) in order to qualify.

  • If you are successful in achieving a minimum of 50% in all modules, you will be eligible for direct entry into stage two of a degree programme in the next academic session.


For 'FAIL' or 'EXEMPT' award students


  • You can only sit qualifying examinations once you have achieved your final award for a Higher Certificate. In effect, you cannot repeat and sit qualifying examinations in the same sitting.

  • The only exception will be if you attain an overall mark of 50% or higher for each individual module that has already been passed and attain 50% or higher in any modules repeated. This would mean that all of your modules are at a level of 50% or higher, and there is nothing further you can qualify in.

If you have any queries regarding qualifying examinations, please contact your Programme Director or the Examinations Office.

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