Message from the Director of Learning and Teaching and Education Programmes

Dr Leo Casey, Director of Learning & Teaching and Education Programmes at National College of Ireland.

Welcome to our learning, teaching and education programmes. 

These are interesting times in education with so many new challenges across the sectors accompanied by positive developments and opportunities. The big drivers of change such as technology, professionalisation and new workplace skills, present unique development opportunities for learning professionals. At NCI we strive to adapt and respond to the times with innovative education programmes that meet the needs of our modern economy. 

Education has the power to change our world and those who work as teachers and learning professionals make an important contribution to the betterment of society. Throughout all our programmes we espouse values such as respect, inclusion, empowerment, sustainability and social justice. Career opportunities in teaching, training, workforce development, instructional design, technology enhanced learning and early childhood education are much in demand and highly fulfilling. Our range of programmes reflect the big developments of our time.

The Early Childhood Education sector is emerging as an important area of professional practice tasked with laying the foundations of learning in the very young. Our faculty are concerned not just with imparting skills and knowledge to our ECE students but also developing professional identity and sectoral awareness. Uniquely, NCI is also a key player in the application of new approaches to education intervention through our much acclaimed Early Learning Initiative. We also work closely with colleagues in the Further Education sector and offer a number of advanced entry options to our ECE programmes. 

The Further Education and Training (FET) sector is experiencing remarkable upheaval. Often under appreciated, the sector provides important learning opportunities for students of all ages and interests. New pathways to employment, life-skills and participation are provided by the rich array of colleges, learning and training centres. Around the country there are almost 7,000 people working as learning professionals in the various education and training boards (ETBS). Our Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching is recognised by the Teaching Council as a professional entry point for teaching in the sector. In addition we have also worked with SOLAS to develop specific short-programmes to develop technology and learning skills for ETB professionals. 

Our Masters programme in Learning and Teaching is an opportunity for professionals to acquire advanced skills and deeper knowledge in their chosen area. It is rewarding each year to read student dissertations and to realise they are pushing the boundaries of insight and research. Whatever your area of interest we insight you to join our community of educators and to continue our learning journey.

Dr. Leo Casey 
Director of Learning and Teaching 
Phone: (01) 659 9210